Requesting Maintenance and Emergencies: All work orders must be submitted online through the resident web portal unless it is an emergency. Before submitting a work order, Residents should try to determine the cause of the problem. Incline Property Management has provided some troubleshooting tips for common problems on the Tenant Frequently Asked Questions page.  WWW.INCLINEPM.COM/FAQ/TENANTFAQ

Troubleshooting is a requirement of the Resident.  Failure to follow through with troubleshooting attempts may result in service call charges.

Determine the priority of the maintenance request. Most requests are not considered an emergency. Use the guide below to determine what category the request may fall into and the estimated response time. Resident requests will be handled in the order it was submitted and subject to vendor availability. NOTE: Response times are based on goals and are not guaranteed. 

Priority 3: EMERGENCY situations that are a threat to the safety or health of individuals or may cause major damage to the property. Examples include fire, electrical hazards, flooding, or a tree falling on the house.
TARGET response time: Initiate the repair within 8 hours.

Priority 2: URGENT situations that may interrupt the normal enjoyment of your home or could develop into an emergency if not addressed soon. Some examples include a leaking faucet, slow drains, constantly flushing/running toilets, malfunctioning appliance, loss of hot water, malfunctioning sprinklers, etc.
TARGET response time: 7 days.

Priority 1: ROUTINE issues that should be done to protect the long-term value of the property or ensure the comfort of the tenant. Examples include broken window screens, repairing fencing, gutter cleaning, driveway, or parking lot maintenance, etc.
TARGET response time: 30 days. NOTE: Vendors normally work Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM.

Emergencies: Call Incline Property Management at (801) 850-5673 ext 3. If Residents do not receive an immediate answer, please leave a voicemail with important details and someone will call Resident back as soon as possible, typically within 1 hour.  Abuse of calling the emergency line when there is not an emergency is subject to a $100 fee. 

  • There are FEW emergencies. The definition of an emergency –  A life threatening situation that presents a danger to people or property. 

– Emergencies causing immediate danger such as fire, call 9-1-1 

– Emergencies involving gas or propane, call the gas company and, if necessary, 9-1-1. 

– Emergencies involving IMMEDIATE electrical danger, call the utility service. 

– Emergencies such as backed up plumbing or flooding, call (801) 850-5673. 


Loss of A/C, hot water, or a broken appliance is NOT considered an emergency. Loss of heat is not considered an emergency unless the temperature is below freezing. 

If it is a non-emergency, please do the following

– Submit a maintenance request through the tenant portal: 

– Go to

– Click on “Tenant Portal” and login. If Resident do not have an account set up, Resident can follow the instructions on the Incline Property Management b page to establish one or contact the office for assistance. 

– Once logged in, click on “New Service Request” and fill out the form.

After submission: 

– After reviewing Resident’s work order, Incline Property Management  may call to gather additional information or walk Resident through some troubleshooting steps in an attempt to resolve the issue. 

– If troubleshooting is unable to resolve the problem, Incline Property Management will approve the work order as needed and assign a vendor. 

– The vendor will contact the Resident to schedule an appointment for repairs. Please remember Incline Property Management has many properties and vendors get very busy. They typically cannot respond immediately unless Resident has an emergency. 

– Incline Property Management does not sign out keys to vendors. It is the Resident’s responsibility to provide them with access or the office will assign a vendor with a one time access code through the BRIVO system.

– Be sure to coordinate with the vendor or Incline Property Management if Resident’s schedule changes. 

– If Resident does not hear from the vendor after the work is submitted, report this to the office. Incline Property Management  will research the cause of the delay and contact the Resident with an update. It is the Resident’s responsibility to make sure that work is performed by the vendor and communicate with the office. Failure to do so may result in fines for damages. 

– Animals must be kenneled or controlled by the tenant at all times.  Vendors may reserve the right to refuse to enter the property if an animal is not properly contained or controlled.  In high priority situations, Incline Property Management may have the animal removed by animal control if necessary. Please refer to the Animal Addendum

– If anything changes with the situation, please update the work order in the portal, by email, or by calling the office. 

– After repairs are complete, call or email Incline Property Management to tell us if the problem was fixed satisfactorily. If the problem persists or returns and the Resident fails to report it, the Resident may be held liable for any damages caused. 

Stand-Up Charge: If Resident schedules an appointment with a vendor and fails to show up, cancel within 12 hours or have the home open for them, Resident will pay their trip charge plus $25.00. Incline Property Management  also reserves the right to enter the home without Resident present. 

Maintenance Charge Backs: Incline Property Management is not responsible for repairing or replacing items broken by normal Incline Property Management ar-and-tear. Some repairs are necessary due to accidents, misuse, or abuse. If the vendor reports to Incline Property Management that the damage was not caused by normal use, Incline Property Management will charge the repair costs to the tenant plus 10%. Failure to pay for maintenance charges could cause a default in the terms of Resident’s lease and be grounds for eviction.

Scheduled Maintenance: Some homeowner’s request certain services be conducted on a regular basis in order to maintain the property. These services may be done with little or no notice to the Resident. For instance, sprinkler setup or winterization, gutter cleaning, HVAC servicing, etc. If these services require vendors to enter the premises, Incline Property Management will coordinate the service with Resident in advance. Homeowner’s ARE NOT required to do routine maintenance and routine maintenance does not negate the tenant’s responsibilities to maintain the property.

Resident Maintenance Responsibilities: 

It Is the responsibility of all Residents to report all repairs/maintenance problems.  Residents will be responsible for maintenance charges if they fail to report maintenance problems in a timely manner. 

Resident’s are responsible for basic routine maintenance or “usage” items. Residents may request cosmetic repairs and the Owner may decline cosmetic repairs to be performed or may approve an accommodation for cosmetic repairs at the Resident’s expense.

Resident maintenance responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Changing light bulbs
  • Changing smoke detector/CO detector batteries
  • Changing HVAC filters
  • Changing appliance filters
  • Cleaning dryer ducts
  • Landscaping as outlined in the Landscaping and Outdoor Maintenance Addendum
  • Snow removal as outlined in the Landscaping and Outdoor Maintenance Addendum
  • Changing smart home feature’s batteries
  • Water softener salt replacement
  • Swamp cooler hook up/winterization
  • Window unit seasonal removal and installations
  • Sprinklers and hose bibs
  • Pest control treatments
  • Routine care of appliances


Report the following:

  • Any sign of mold in the property immediately.
  • All toilet and faucet leaks and any plumbing backups.
  • Electrical problems. Heating and air-conditioning problems.
  • Inoperative smoke detectors.
  • Faulty appliances supplied in property.
  • Roof leaks.
  • Broken windows and doors.
  • Fence repair.
  • Malfunctioning sprinklers.
  • Major pest control items such as bees, cockroaches, rats, termites, or other major infestations.
  • Any other necessary repairs or unsafe conditions.

Tenants will be responsible for the following charges:

  • Failing to report necessary repairs.
  • When appliances fail due to operator error.
  • When residents cause sewer stoppages/blockages.
  • If the tenant or tenant’s guests or invitees cause damage to the property.
  • If the tenant’s animal causes damage to the property.
  • If the tenant reports a repair which does not require service and a vendor was sent out.
  • If the tenant fails to replace the smoke detector battery or battery for remote door opener and causes a service call for only battery replacement.
  • If a tenant fails to replace HVAC filters, light bulbs, batteries, etc., that result in a service call, all charges will be passed on to the tenant.
  • For replacing doors, jambs, broken glass and/or windows unless the tenant provides a police report detailing the cause of the problem showing forced entry by others.
  • For damage to walls, carpets, floors, etc. because the tenant left the windows or doors open during rain or wind.

Tenants are NOT to do the following:

       – Do NOT perform electrical work (this does not include changing light bulbs or batteries). 

       – Do NOT use self cleaning options on ovens or stoves

       – Do NOT mar, deface, or change walls, woodwork, flooring, landscaping of the property without prior written permission from Incline Property Management. 

       – Do NOT store items in the utility closets. 

       – Do NOT perform repairs unless authorized by Incline Property Management or outlined in this guideline. 

       – Do NOT deduct any unauthorized or pre-authorized maintenance expense from rent. If Residents are authorized to conduct maintenance for payment, Residents will receive payment like any other vendor. Be sure to retain receipts and turn them in with Residents invoice once the work is complete.