Owner FAQ & Tutorial Videos

Owner Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  What are my monthly costs working with Incline Property Management?

A.  Your cost is your monthly management retention fee…that’s it.  We don’t charge vacancy fees, tech fees, or any other ancillary charges to our owners. Our management fees are as follows:

  • 1-2 Units Managed – 9%
  • 3-10 Units Managed – 8%
  • 11+ Units Managed – 7%

*Billing services and tenant placement services are not included in monthly retention.

Q. Are there any start up costs?

A.  Yes, start up costs are as follows and are deducted from the first month’s rent:

  • We have contracted with Brivo, a smart home automation company to have complete control over your home and access 24/7 for emergencies.  We have a few different options you can choose from but the base option is a $375 install cost for the hardware.  We at Incline Property Management pay for the monthly servicing.  These options do allow for you to rent your property for an average of $150/month more as a “smart home”*  Please speak with your property manager for additional options.
  • There is a $250 Owner Reserve required.  It is held in trust for you to help balance your account at all times.  It is fully refunded to you if you ever cancel your services, as long as you have no outstanding billing due.

*Not guaranteed

Q. How do I receive my rent payment? How do I pay for expenses?

A.  Funds are deposited directly into your account on the 10th of every month so long as your renter has paid on time.  We will deduct your management fee, any utilities we are asked to pay, and any maintenance expenses from the rent received.  You will receive a monthly owner statement both in your owner portal and via email.

Q. Do you have online access for my financials and contracts

A.  Yes!  We have online owner portals available and as part of your monthly management fees.  Please view this video here for more information on how to navigate your portal.

Q.  I’m confused about my owner statement, now what?

A.  View this video here for a quick tutorial about the basics of the owner statement.  If you still can’t figure it out you’re always welcome to email or text your property manager, or set up a one on one walk through your account at www.calendly.com/samanthawallis.

Q.  Where and how do you market properties?

A.  We market all of our rentals on our website automatically.  We also market to Zillow.com, Rentler.com, Realtor.com, & Facebook Marketplace.  Due to restrictions by most community and yard sale pages on Facebook, we do not post ads in those groups.  You as the property owner are welcome to do that and you can find copy of our ads to share by searching for the property address at any of the above mentioned sites.  Please note that if you cannot find your rental listing by address it may be due to the geo coding errors on the mapping system (This is especially true for new construction)

We invest in our advertising heavily and have professional photos, 3D Matterport Tours done for most of our properties.  We do ask that the properties be in a “showing condition” before photos are taken professionally as we will reuse these photos when they become vacant in the future.